Why We Are Locking Our Dev Wallets

We’ve got big news.

We are currently in the process of locking 60% of our dev wallet! This means we can’t sell 60% of the coins we have. The rest, however, we will use to pay our amazing and dedicated team, which is constantly working on new projects for our community.

It is important to us that our community and our investors know that our dev team is not going anywhere. KimJongMoon is here to stay. This is also why we decided to lock our dev wallet; we want to ensure our investors that we won’t “rug pull” or dump unexpectedly. KimJongMoon is an important and valuable project for us, and we are determined to invest in it further by creating fun projects, growing our community, and our value.

Q&A with the team

We at KimJongMoon want to prevent that fear and show our community that we are taking this project seriously and are in for the long haul. We have nothing to hide (which is why we are showing our faces on a daily basis), and we are always sharing our upcoming projects with you, so you can be as excited as we are. We strive to achieve Dogecoin levels but with actual amazing projects for our community.

Question: Why did you lock 60% of the dev wallet and not 100%?
Answer: Good question!
As we mentioned before, we are currently in the process of developing several projects for our community. Among those projects are a unique NFT platform, a brand-new website, fun games, a meme builder that will eventually allow you to add your meme to a t-shirt, and we are even working on releasing a pilot for an animated series to pitch to the big sharks like Funny or Die and Comedy Central. All of those projects are time-intensive and require a big and skilled team of developers and designers. We at
KimJongMoon know how important a fair salary is, and therefore we are making sure all our employees are being paid a fair price for their fantastic work.

Our developers want the best for KimJongMoon, and because of this, they are in for the long run. It is our long-term goal to reach the top 10 list on CoinMarketCap, and we are determined to hit this goal. As you might already know we have recently been listed on CoinGecko and will soon be approved on CoinMarketCap. With that we are further showing our community and our investors that we continuing our journey to become the best coin ever created. We are here to stay until we reach the moon (and then we might take over mars).

KimJongMoon is a unique and fun token on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network. Future plans include NFT marketplace, merch store and mobile games.